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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The New Home Decor Styles

In the past few years we have really seen some new styles emerge.  Hybrids or mixtures of the 6 basic design styles: modern, contemporary, formal, country, traditional and eclectic.

Why is this happening? There are a few reasons.

1.  Couples are moving in and/or getting married later in life.  Many of them have lived on their own for some time (rented or purchased).  They had furniture pieces of their own and now that they are in a serious relationship they are merging their items with their partners'.  So this is leading to a mix of styles under one roof.

2.  The economy is causing people to make decisions on what they like and really want.  It is best to spend your money on pieces you love that are quality - that way you know you will love it for years to come and not just depose of it.  Also couples and singles are building their look over time.  Gone are the days when you would show up to a department store and purchase your entire living room or dining room in one big purchase. Sometimes we are inheriting pieces and we need to blend them into our existing look.

Remember if you are combining styles together try and stick to the 80/20 rule.  80% of the room should fit into one style and the other 20 % can be one other style or a mix of two.

Some of the 'new' styles we are seeing:

Rustic Elegant

The open shelving unit and the authentic look of the table make it more casual and fit into the rustic style but the sofa, the area rug and the accent chair have a very traditional and elegant look and feel with the shape and colour choices.

Modern Country
 This image shows a very streamlined space so that fits with the modern side but the accents of wood on the walls, the rustic feel of the wood furniture and the theme of the art fall within the country side.

Vintage Modern

This image shows a blend of vintage and modern pieces - the art arrangement, the classic modern chairs and end tables, the white streamlined sofa and pops of bold colour.

Classic Contemporary

This image shows off the classic of design like symmetry and balance and the power of repetition but the colour palette is more contemporary.

We are even seeing a lot of furniture pieces that are blending two styles.  Chairs is probably the best example of that - we are seeing a lot of traditional chairs in funky upholstery or take the Ghost chair - another classic shape but in plexiglass


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