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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hot Look - Colourful Kitchens

If you are considering a major kitchen renovation or just a small update, have you considered colour in your kitchen?  White and Wood are classic and cool but colour in the kitchen is a great way to surround yourself with some real personality.  This is a great option is you have an older home or a newer more modern home, and this is also a great idea if you have a rental property that needs some sprucing up - it gets you a new kitchen without breaking the bank.

A few tips for colourful cabinetry.

1 - Keep everything else in the space neutral.  So the back splash, the counter top and the floors need to play a supporting role.

2.  Pick a colour that works with the time period of your home and your current decor.  If you have an older home, try looking at Historical Collection colours.  If you have a more modern space you can go in just about any direction (time period wise) so try and keep it in line with your decor.

3.  Painting a room is different that painting a cabinet, so ask for professional advice before starting or look into having it professionally done.

4.  And if you are not sure about committing to colour try it out on an island or perhaps just the lower cabinets.  These colours paired with classic white and wood work beautifully (see the image with white and black cabinets)

Some favourtite colour choices-

Yellow look great paired with slate grey or black accents.  Yellow can look a bit country but paired with those darker accents gives it more of a contemporary flair with warmth

- Custard cream (6093-42) Sico
- June day (SW6682) Sherwin-Williams


Buttercream is softer than white and prettier than vanilla, it looks like first daylight coming through the window.

- Italian Straw (POR-1752-000) Pratt & Lambert
- Acacia (50YY 83/200) CIL
- Warm Hug (111-2) Beauti-Tone


Cornflower Blue is a versatile shade that can swing from beach to modern, it just depends on how you style it.  It also makes warm metal look especially beautiful.

- Demi-Lune (6009-42) Sico
- Strong Winds (P5101-52) Para Paints
- Cook's blue (237) Farrow & Ball

Leaf Green is a bold and crisp colour but still livable, it adds a fresh spring feel all year long.

- Baby Fern (2029-20) Benjamin Moore
- Clean Green (P5041-82D) Para Paints
- Mountain botanical (6010-9) Valspar

Hunter Green either matte or glossy is a deep and rich hue that gives kitchen an old world look.

- Evergreen (SW-6447) Sherwin-Williams
- Tree Top (CLV 1147N) General Paint

Tuxedo Black paired with true white and pale marble for an elegant look with glamour and edge.

- Black (2131-10) Benjamin Moore
- Pluto (6024-83) Sico

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