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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Selling and Seasonal Decor

Fall is almost here....I love the fall season!  It's such a beautiful time - crisp air, colourful leaves and harvest time delights.

So now that the harvest season is upon us many of us like the celebrate the new season with festive decor.  Beautiful leaves, corn, pumpkins, gourds, hay and more....but if you are selling your home is this type of decor appropriate? 

After speaking with some local Realtors, they all say YES but in moderation.

Having a fall inspired wreath and the door paired with some pumpkins and gourds in a basket is both warm and welcoming but too much can make the entry feel cluttered and cramped which are negatives when it comes to selling your home.  Emphasizing your porch with pumpkins or a fall pillow on a bench is a positive and buyers will feel warm and fuzzy!

So what about holiday decor?  Well, that too can create an inviting atmosphere but again don't go over board, keep it simple and nothing religious.

For Halloween, keep it tame.  The zombies, skulls and all the gore can go with you to the next home.  If you love the holiday or have little ones that do and need to decorate, less really is more.  Keep it low key and mild.  Not everyone will want to see blood dripping down the windows and dead bodies cut in half with a chainsaw lying on the front lawn plus all of this decor takes away from the home and is very distracting!  Most buyers won't  be able to see past it and there's a very good chance they won't be a second showing.

*This is too much.  It's fun and probably the talk of the street but not good for selling.  It's just overwhelming and distracting!

The Christmas Season  is a tougher time to sell. Fewer buyers are out there but don't forget that if there are buyers out there, they want to buy.  So be sure to focus on having an appealing exterior.
Wreaths, Christmas trees, lights and bows are beautiful and when used correctly can not only create a loving atmosphere but they can highlight gorgeous features of the home like a stunning staircase, high ceilings, over sized windows, and set the scene for the buyers who might be imaging themselves hosting a Christmas dinner in the home. But again, keep it simple, I cannot stress that enough.

1. Don't bring every item out.  The front lawn, the roof and the entry steps do not need to be covered in lights, blow up Santas and glowing reindeer.  Try a wreath and a natural planter at the entry and simple lights highlighting the roof line or a great front yard tree.

2. Religious or too personal (say a family photo of you dressed like Santa's elves) items should stay packed away until you are in your new home. They turn off some buyers. 

3.  Keep the clutter minimal.  Don't fill up every square inch with seasonal decor, it makes the space look and feel small plus from a decor point of view, you can't appreciate the beauty of the decor pieces when there are too many lumped together.No one wants a small or squishy home.

4.  Having a theme (colour theme or a style like modern or country) creates a cohesive look in the home and looks put together.  This will make your home, the home buyers dream of.  Looks matter when it comes to selling your home

5.  Less is more. Ask a friend or honest family member if your seasonal decor is too much.

Selling your home can be a stressful experience and it is important to live your life but if you don't want your home to just sit on the market be sure to always have it looking it's best.  Simplicity is really beautiful.

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