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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Home Decorating: Mixed Emotions

Decorating your home is so exciting and should be lots of fun but many of my clients get confused and/or bogged down with labels like 'modern', 'contemporary' and 'traditional' and they don't know where they fit or how they want their room to work and usually just stop decorating because they don't want to make a mistake.

But here's a super simple and easy concept to follow when decorating a space.

"How do you want it to feel?"

By asking yourself that questions you will see yourself start to gravitate towards pieces, colours, textures that will evoke that feeling

So think about how you want your bedroom to feel - sexy, tranquil, soothing, exciting, romantic....

Your living/dining space - high energy, zen, calm...

Now if you want to have different 'feelings' in your home you can do that.  The easiest way to make that transition is  rooms that have a door you can start a whole new look or feeling, in the spaces that are open either combine various pieces (follow the 80/20 rule) or just stick to one and add other emotions in other rooms.

I always recommend to have some common thread from room to room especially if you live in a small space like a condo apartment.  So think about things like  streamlined furniture in neutral tones or similar window dressings, these 'standard' elements keep fluidity in the overall theme

Keep in mind that colour is a great and very easy way to tap into the emotion you want to use as your inspiration.  Darker colours tend to be rich, sophisticated and dramatic but can also be very sexy.  Bright colours are full of energy and enthusiasm, and softer tones are more soothing and calm.

Don't get caught up in all of the labels and  get stressed about what to do and how to decorate.  if you follow your heart and use your brain you will get the perfect space for you and don't forget to enjoy!

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