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Friday, April 12, 2013

A woman's touch....

can do wonders!  When decorating a home and especially if you are looking to sell said home, it is really important to have a balance of masculinity and femininity. 

When it comes to selecting interior finishes and materials, Men have a tendency to go with dark colours and hard materials.  Whereas women tend to lean towards lighter tones and they like to include softer textures. 

Recently, we staged a condo in Ottawa and it was a stunning space with over sized windows and sophisticated finishes but the whole space was very hard and dark - it was obvious that it was a total bachelor pad. 

So we added so colour, so lighter tones but neutral furniture, a mix of textures and artwork to help down play the darker colour palette. 


If you feel like your home could use a woman's touch, here are a few elements you can add that will help:

1- Simple colour palette.  Dark colours re fine in fact they can help define and anchor a space but too many make a space feel dark and cave like, add some lighter tones light white, cream, ivory even pale grey and silver are good options to lighten and brighten the colour palette.  It could be wall paint or tiles, stone counter top or cabinetry.

2 - Fabric choice.  Men tend to lean to leather when it comes to furniture and it is a good choice because it ages well and it is easy to care for.  But try added some more textures like wool, fur (faux), mirror, glass, marble and silk/satin.  If your furniture is leather, think about adding some throw pillows and a blanket, an area rug and maybe a glass or marble coffee table.  The mix of textures help create a warm and inviting space.

3.  Open shelving.  Is a great way to store items you would still like to display perhaps a collection or some pottery.  Because the shelving is open it has a lighter and airy feeling.

4.  Sparkle and shine.  Add some bling to the room (just like a woman would add jewellery to her outfit).  On the coffee table group some silver decor items together (groups of 3 and look for a variety of heights).


5.  Window dressing.  Yes, blinds are super practical and there is nothing wrong with having blind but to add some softness to the room or rooms, add some drapes to frame the window, it just completes the window and if done properly can make a window look even bigger. 

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