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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wooden you like to know...

How to use wood in a space, any space is such a common dilemma -  do I mix my wood tones? And, do I use a light stain or dark stain for my furniture?  Here are some helpful tips to solve this wood and wood stain problem.

We have seen a big trend toward the dark espresso stain for everything from flooring to cabinetry to furniture and it really is a dramatic and rich look but too much is too much.  A number of years ago when this dark stain was at the peak of trendiness my younger sister had just purchased a condo, when it came time to select her interior finishes she did not listen to me (that's family, I guess).  She went ahead and selected the espresso cabinets to match the espresso floors and her new espresso table and chairs.  I told her to mix up he wood tones to create contrast instead she ended up in a dark espresso cave.  Lucky for her, the flooring was installed improperly and every piece of hardwood flooring buckled and popped, so when it came time to replace the flooring she listened to me and opted for a mid tone with an ashy finish.  We also added some cream slipcovers to her dining chairs to lighten and brighten.  Moral of the story - don't match all of your wood tones it doesn't have a sophisticated look or feel in the end!

Mixing Wood Tones

When it comes to wood stains mix it up don't match it up!  look online or in magazines for ideas...

So to go light or dark with your furniture stain is really up to you and the look you want.  A dark stain is always more formal so if you want a formal dining room opt for a darker stain and the darker the stain the more dramatic the room will look. 

Spanish Home by Pablo Paniagua

A lighter stain is always more casual and if you mix your stains (say a light base and chairs and a dark stain table top like I have in my eat-in kitchen)  that's casual, too.
Keltainen talo rannalla: Tyyliä tiistaille
  There's no right or wrong but just think about your lifestyle and how you want the space to look.  Love a dark stain but don't want a formal look?  Be aware of the style of table - is it a harvest table? or, a streamline contemporary table?  Use some different chairs to keep the look casual too.
Come to dinner

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