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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Picture Perfect Kitchens and Bathrooms

So kitchens and bathrooms are always the hot spots when selling a home and even while we are living in our home those rooms are high traffic areas, so you definitely want them to look their best.  So how can this be done? Where does one find find their inspiration for these rooms?

Anything you love can be inspiration for colour … a piece of artwork, a flower, a picture. If you want to feel a certain way in a room, think of other things that make you feel that way, and then think about what they look like in your mind. A luxury hotel? A spa? A hip restaurant? The beach?

Next, look around the room. Is there a colour you can pull from your back splash tile or counter top? Are there accessories in the room that you love? 

Finally, look to the adjacent rooms. The colours in each room should flow together and work nicely side-by-side.

If you’re still stuck, flip through magazines or look at pictures online. There are lots of amazing photos of kitchens and bathrooms out there to inspire you.

Small bathroom makeover. Love the colours.
Tip: Do not choose your paint colour in the store. Because the lighting in the store is different than the lighting in your home colours will look different in each location. Bring the swatches home and hold them up vertically against the wall to get the truest sense of what the colour will look like. Better yet, buy a small sample and paint some test swatches.

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