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Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's trending in home decor?

Trends come and go in any 'fashion' related industry.  We see it in shoes, clothing, make up and hair and of course, we see trends in home decor. 

The big colour in 2013 is Monaco blue but we will also be seeing lots of other colours too.

So what else is happening in home decor and design???

Well, we will be seeing what I like to call 'found design' - it's when you see an eclectic mix of furniture, accessories, art and it all just comes together

In this photo for example, you see the different occasional chairs - one with a pattern and one without.  you see a mix of wall hangings ranging from antlers to stainless photo frames.  The coffee table looks like it was purchased at a vintage furniture shop.  The pops of orange and green are fun and fresh and it totally works!!

We are seeing more and more of this look and I think it is due to what is happening economically.  People are being a lot smarter about how they are sending their money.  They want a home with style but they want to have a home with character too (plus a little more money in the bank). 

So you will see more and more people decorating with this in mind.  It doesn't mean that they won't be shopping but thrift shops, antique store and vintage shops will be busier than before. 

Also this 'found design' concept isn't so much a look but a way to find personal style.  If you like a modern cabin look or a mod contemporary look you can have that!

This way of decorating takes time and it's a process - you won't find everything all in one day and when you do go shopping at vintage stores be sure you snatch up what you love - it won't last long! 

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