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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Decorating Island Style

I have had the absolute pleasure of spending the past 5 days in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in an incredible villa called ' Scotch on the rocks' .  This has been such a relaxing experience with the most spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, the sounds and smells of the beach, an amazing staff, delicious homemade food and of course calming Island style what are the basics you need to know to capture soothing Island style in your home?

Island style is easy laid back living with very little fuss.  It's not fancy but it is so peaceful and functional, too.  It looks stunning especially with the beautiful backdrops of sea and sky.

The main ingredient would be colour selection.  Most warm climates (ranging from Greece to St. Martaan) take their inspiration from the sea.  Opting for light or white walls and adding accents of blue and/or Tera cota or espresso. 

Flooring is mainly large Travertine tile in sand tones and usually with a 'straight from nature' look and feel instead of some uber modern uniform look.  No carpeting at all (again for ease).  Sometimes you will see accents of hardwood usually in a dark espresso stain and wide plank.

Textiles are of natural and/or easy to wash fabrics in white, shades of blue and sometimes pattern including both of those colours.  And the bedrooms are often outfitted in white on white linens with pops of ocean blue.

Accents - you can capture the beach feel without going over board.  for accents and pops of colour and pattern, stay fresh with blue, white and yellow or green.  Pattern does not need to be nautical or ocean themed like nautical flags and shells and seahorses but stripes are a great look, tie dye (but in only two colour like white-blue or white yellow), paisley, tribal anything really as long as the colours are right.  Look for art that is soothing and calming - it could be Impressionist or abstract.  Look for lamps that have a Hemingway look or Beach glass but really keep it simple.  Bowls of tropical fruit can look cheesy but if done right can llok inviting, contemporary and bright.  Adding lots of white candles can give a beautiful and romantic glow in the evening.

Living by the beach is all about simplicity and relaxation, no one should feel like they are trapped in a museum.  You should be able to put your feet up and have a drink without worrying about wrinkling the sofa cushions or getting sand on the floor.  This look really i best in coastal environments but if you want to bring som of your favourite vacaction memories home with you, why not?

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