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Monday, December 10, 2012

Best paint colours for kids' rooms

When we move into a home we really want to put our own style throughout the home.  Well, it's no different when a baby is on the way - we want a beautiful nursery to welcome this baby into our home.  And as those little bundles get bigger, they start to develop their own sense of style - my son and my daughter even though they are 13 months apart they like very different things and gravitate towards very different colours and even clothing.

Here are some of the best choices for paint colours for kids rooms - you can still embrace the magic and whimsy that a childhood should have but it can still be classy and stylish.

Shades of pink

Benjamin Moore 'marshmallow bunny' 2001-70
As soft pink that will make little girls dream of fairies and ballerinas yet the colour is still tasteful and too harsh on the eyes

Benjamin Moore 'pink parfait' 2004-60
A bit brighter but not too intense of a pink - looks great with white, green, chocolate brown really any neutral. 

Benjamin Moore 'strawberry sorbert' 2087-50
Lots of energy and whimsy in this colour - very fresh and fun too!

Benjamin Moore ' all-a-blaze' 1304
This is more of a coral tone so probably better suited for a tween or teen - it's a very original colour but looks so great on any wall. 

Shades of Blue

Benjamin Moore ' harbor fog' 2062-70
A beautiful colour for a nursery but it's mature enough for a toddler child and older.  Although blue, works for both genders and you can add any accent colour and it will look great!

 Benjamin Moore ' Colonial Blue' 1677
Colonial Blue is a bit more sophisticated but can also be very sporty if paired up with brighter colours like orange and/or yellow. 
Benjamin Moore ' Admiral Blue' 2065-10
A bit more mature (even works great in a master bedroom) this darker colour needs a room with light so the space doesn't look and feel cave like.   It also has a bit of a nautical feel so adding sharper accents like yellow, red, white and green will work very nicely.

Shades of Green

Benjamin Moore 'pale vista' 2029-60
A very soft tone and works well in a neutral nursery - add pink and it takes on a garden look and feel.  Add brown and it feels very outdoorsy.

Benjamin Moore 'corn stalk' 542
Suits a boys' room more than a girls' and would look great with an animal theme, farm theme, dinosaurs etc...

Neutral options

Benjamin Moore 'silver chain' 1472  Grey is a wonderful neutral option because it works at any and every age.  Many people feel that a grey tone is too depressing but it you team it up with colour it looks great!

Benjamin Moore 'bradstreet beige' HC-48  A classic, historical colour and it looks so chic and timeless with white furniture or dark furniture.  Again, add any pop colour you like.  This is a perfect tone if you want to paint your entire home in just one colour - because this one is so versatile

Benjamin Moore 'ashland slate' 1608
I love a dramatic look and this is very unique and sophisticated, this is perfect for the parents that don't want that 'cheesy' nursery or kids' room.

Benjamin Moore 'baby fawn' OC-15  Such a great colour and I have used this everywhere (commercial space and residential) it is a very warm neutral tone.

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