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Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby needs a new room!

If you are like me all of your friends are having babies!  It is such an exciting and joyous time!  I'm often asked how to create a chic and stylish nursery for baby.  It's really easy and there are some many great stores and items out there.  Here are a few of my tips and picks:

1.  Stay away from having all children sized furniture in the room.  Opt for some 'adult' size pieces - the quality is better and you can use them for many years to come. Dressers, Armoires, reading chair are great 'adult' size pieces to have.

2.  If you know or are quite certain you will have another baby stick with a neutral tone crib.  A friend of mine has a stunning crib but it was finished in a blush paint - thank goodness for her pocketbook's sake she had a second girl.

3.  When it comes to paint don't get too bold - if you want to add some visual interest try wall decals, framed fabric, a photo wall they are stylish and easy to remove when baby grows up!

4.  Furniture, flooring and area rugs are best when kept neutral.  The toys, blankets etc...for baby have a lot of colour already

Some fabulous picks:

1.  ABC plates and mugs from  This could be a great wall display or just to use in the kitchen

2.  Try a grown up looking chair in a little girls' room - with a fun fabric.  Like this Oly Petite Hanna chair

3.  A fun fabric could be used in upholstery or drapes but you could also frame it!  Look for florals for girls or animals for a more neutral look .

4.  high chairs have come a long way.  I love the Boon Flair high chair .  It looks like the modern scoop style stool

5.  some of my favourite paint colours for nurseries.  For a pink room without going overboard try a soft and light version like Ballerina Pink, a great neutral colour for boys or girls just add some splashy pink or purple or darker blue or orange try leisure green and a sporty and fun colour for boys try newburyport blue - add some pops of red, yellow or orange and pair up with white furniture for a clean look.

Whatever you choose try and have as many items as you can that will stand the test of time and grow with your child.

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