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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Organize this!!

You don't have to wait until spring to clear out the clutter and get organized.  The fall is a great time to tackle this task, too.

I like to start small with simple projects like organizing one pantry shelf at a time or the junk drawer.  but if you are ambitious, here are some great ideas to get organized.

1.  Family fun room: Instead of art on the walls, try open shelving.  This offers great storage for books and board games.  And for the other 'loose' items like toys and crafts try using a colourful box or basket.  Get this kids involved in the tidy-up process too.  Having these items accessible also means that they will be used more often, too.

2.  Storage: Add storage wherever you can!  As your children get older they also come with more stuff.  so try to incorporate storage in seating (storage ottomans or cubes are great), trunks in the kids rooms etc...There are many options on the market now but you'll need to look around if you are in smaller markets.

3.  Kitchen: an over sized chalkboard!  I actually used chalk board paint on my pantry doors.  I kept track of what groceries we needed and what events were taking place.  A busy family needs a calendar so put yours in a hot spot of the home.  the mudroom is another great spot for an over sized calendar.

4.  The entry/hall: hooks!  Invest in lots of hooks that can easily be attached to the wall.  Make sure to put them at a height that your kids can reach to hang their things (coats, sweater and back-packs).  If you don't want these items hanging out in the hallway- hang the hooks inside the front entry closet.

5.  Mudroom: if you are lucky enough to have one - it's perfect for the kids!  Add some inexpensive wire baskets to the wall to keep important notices and homework assignments (that need to go back to school), you can also keep hats and mitts in the baskets too.  It's also a good idea to have a storage bench - this is great to store seasonal items but also to help you get the kids dressed for the outdoors. You can also install some large hooks to hang umbrellas.  since the mudroom is such a perfect spot for the kids make it kid friendly by adding some fun colour and hang their hooks an accessible height for them.

6.  Modern playroom: perfect for urban living - dedicate a corner of your living room to your child and integrate it with your decor, so use complimentary colours to your existing theme.  Use cool contains to store toys and books, and have a funky chair for the kids, too.

7.  Finished basement: use that nook under the stairs for storage, using cool baskets, book cases and maybe even a small cabinet perfect for storing more kids' stuff or seasonal items.

It's important to take on a big de-cluttering job every year, it's amazing what we accumulate.  If we want to live stress free lives we need to eliminate as much clutter as we can.

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