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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Favourite things - Eggflat 'bowl'

I'm a big fan of having fruit out and available for my kids and guests but I also like the way it looks.  I'm also a fan of having a beautiful bowl to display my seasonal fruit in as well.

Check out this great find:  It's called the Eggflat.  Love this item!!  Because of it's unique look and shape, eco friendly material and the colour too. 

So here are the details:
- by Josh Jakus
- it folds flat for storage
- made of pressed wool felt in grey made from factory excess
- you can manipulate the shape so it can hold a variety of items
- 12" x 12" square shape
- eco-friendly

Available at Digs showroom

Another thing I like about this is because the fruit is separated, if one spoils it won't affect the other pieces of fruit.  (One bad apple can spoil the bunch but not with the Eggflat)

Good chance you'll see this in my next model condo project ;)

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