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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Green Ideas for your Home

Looking to go green? I'm not talking colour here but being more environmentally friendly in your home decor.  There are a lot of options and even right here in Ottawa (online too if you are not from the Ottawa area)

- Bamboo bowls to hold just about anything from bathroom products to give the space a spa look or in the kitchen to hold fruit for an easy snack.  Available at and

- Serenity Stumps are perfect for a cool coffee table or end table

- Mythic Paint is easy on the environment and non-toxic.

- Morph recycled glass vases are so chic and the modern designs are so stylish.

- Furniture made from reclaimed wood.  Check out the Territorial Collection at the Emporium  or reclaimed wide plank flooring adds such character and warmth to any space

- Farrow and Ball paints are made with natural pigments and look amazing in any room. 

- DuPont Zodiac Counter tops are so unique and truly special.  The Terra Collection is made with 25% post consumer recycled glass content. 

- Check out antique or other consignment stores and find a way to bring life into an older piece.  Use it in a new and interesting way or change it up to make it your own.

- Nature driven wallpaper is another great way to bring life into any room in any home.

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