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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fall Fashion to Home Fashion

So the Fashion runways are on fire these days.  Designers from all around the world are showing us what's hot for the fall season.  If you are a follower of fashion you might be wondering how to really maximize the fashion trends and how to incorporate them into your everyday life.

Well here are some of the 2012 Fall Fashion Trends as seen on the runway and here's how you can bring some of the fashion runways in your home hallways

It's hot and in any shade.  Red is bold, bright and hot.  This colour goes well with any neutral and you can get any look you like.  Red and chocolate has an ethnic feel, Red and Navy very New England nautical and Red and Grey is so urban. Use it as an accent in your accessories or maybe in some of your art.

Grey has been in for a while but the trend now is a softer and paler shade.  This is a great and timeless colour for furniture or for a wall paint colour.  Some of my favourite shades of Grey are: Benjamin Moore's 'Pashmina AF-100', Benjamin Moore's 'Wish AF-680', Benjamin Moore's 'thunder AF-685' and Benjamin Moore's 'eternity AF-695'.  If you are thinking of resurfacing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, a pale grey is another fabulous option - unexpected but still neutral and classic.

A classic combination and it's tough to call it a trend as it's never ever out.  On the runways there was a lot of black and white and in different ways.  there was of course the very mod-influenced black and white colour blocking this is a very urban look - great for bold and graphic art pieces to make a statement in any room.  There was also a lot of black and white patterns (floral and curvy) perfect for textiles - bed linens, pillows even drapes.  A very dramatic and glamorous look with a lot of femininity.

Who doesn't love a cozy over sized knit sweater? We all do.  so incorporating knits into your home decor is going to make you want to cozy up and cuddle.  Texture adds richness to any room.  Knitwear is perfect for throw blankets and pillows in a living room, family room or bedroom. 

Plaid always makes a comeback in the fall - it's so collegiate and varsity.  So how to use it? It's great as an accent in a boy's room - custom roman shades are sharp and clean, or an upholstered accent chair.  There are so many tartans to choose from, too - but if you can't decide here's a fun and fresh idea -  get some 10x10 samples from a fabric shop and frame them with a white matting and black frame.  Create a gallery look with these different plaid samples - for an easy and unique art display perfect for a rec room or guest room.

The Boho hippie chic look is back - I'm NOT suggesting you bring hemp candles and beaded curtains into your home - yikes!!  But if you like an easy and laid back hippie look try using lots of earth tones and layering different fabrics and pieces in a space.  so think throw pillows in earth tones and vary up/mix-match with lots of texture. 

This is the fun side of fashion - odd little elements that really personalize the space and make it yours!  Check out thrift or antique shops for interesting items and re-purpose them.  An old door hanging on a wall is an interesting piece or art or a door can easily be transformed into a table top.  Not crafty? No problem - local decor shops have lots of fun ideas.  One of my favourite piece now is from Urban Barn.  Check out this Owl Stool.  Even a coffee table book can add some unexpected flair to a room, I love photography books like the one of Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson

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