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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cheap Tricks - easy fixes to transform and decorate your home

We are all on a budget - especially in these economic times, so take a look at my list of some simple and inexpensive ideas to update the look and decor in your home without breaking the bank.

1.  Declutter.  Makes organizing a breeze, feels good, eliminates stress

2.  Budget.  Plan and stick to it.

3.  Vacuum.  Not fun, but it will make your home feel so clean and fresh.  If your budget allows, try getting a professional clean once a year for all rugs and upholstery.

4.  Dust.  Every nook, cranny and appliance don't forget about the light fixtures and fans.

5.  Get a second opinion.  If you have a friend who has a fabulous eye, borrow it for an afternoon.  When we want to change things up in a room it can be tough for the homeowner because we are too familiar with the set-up and the room - a fresh perspective can do wonders.

6.  Rotate.  Rotate decor items like art and pillows from one room to another.  It can really give a fresh feel to the space even if everything else remains the same.

7.  Let there be light.  Clean your windows and pull the curtains back - sunshine is a good thing so enjoy it!

8.  Focus.  Start by decorating one room at a time.  Overhauling the whole house at once is overwhelming, stressful and unrealistic.

9.  Limit your time.  By having a time limit you are more likely to stick to a budget and get the job done.  When I was re-decorating my husband's office I had a start date and an end date - the job was done on time, it looks great and I didn't go over budget (I didn't have time to dilly-dally).

10.  Pick a star.  Aka a focal point in a room, every room should have one.  It could be a fireplace or a piece of art.  Revolve your concept around that star.

11. Odds are...stick with odd numbers (3,5,7) when it comes to grouping decor items together.  Combine objects of various heights together and when grouped together there should be little space between them.

12.  Love it!  Don't just pick items because they 'match' or because you need something in the space.  Love what you buy - you will not regret spending the money and you will always have a place for it in your home.

13.  Give it away.  Give your old items a new life by donating them or selling them at a garage sale. 

14.  Freshen up.  With a new paint job you will make the whole home or room feel new again

15.  Storage solutions.  We all need storage and you can never really have too much.  When re-decorating don't forget about the functionality of the space.

16.  Don't have a back splash? This simple addition is pretty easy and makes a major impact.  If on a very tight budget but this is on your must-do list check out the sales rack at your local tile store - you'll be surprised what you can find.

17.  Get creative.  Re-purpose and re-use items in a new way to make them seem new.  An armoire for a TV stand, make pillows out of old fabric etc...

18.  Paint.  Change the entire look of your kitchen by having you cabinet doors resurfaced and professionally painted - you can choose any colour you like and wow, what a difference!

19.  Mood lighting.  Install dimmers in the dining room, living room and the master bedroom.

20.  Get artsy.  Re-frame your art and make it current by using simple frames and extra large mattes.  this creates a sophisticated and gallery look in your home - I did this with my family photos and it looks amazing!

21.  C.P.T.S.  Colour, Pattern, Texture and Shine these 4 elements should be in every room.  This helps create a layered and sophisticated look in any room.

22. Blackboards are a great way to fill a wall space in a kitchen, playroom or mudroom. 
They are easy to do and a great way to keep organized.

23. Green-thumb.  Adding plants and flowers to a space adds life and good energy.  But think about the conditions the plant needs before placing it in certain rooms.  Bamboo is a great plant for bathrooms because it does well in humid places that don't offer a lot of sunlight.

24.  Counter space.  tuck away the items that are on your kitchen counter.  No one uses every small appliance everyday so just keep out the essential ones. Your kitchen will look cleaner and feel bigger.

25. Get fruity.  Use fresh fruit in a bowl to add some colour to your space AND nutrition experts say "if we see it we are more likely to eat it".

26.  Knit-whit.  If you are talented at knitting make some throws for bedrooms and guest rooms.  a cozy handmade blanket is perfect for naps or just getting cozy in front of the TV or fireplace (this is a great gift idea, too)

27.  Easy change-up.  By changing out the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you are able to update the whole look in little to no time and with spending very little money.  Look for polished or brushed nickel.

28.  Be a bargain hunter.  Sites like kijiji, Craig's list, ebay and so many more have some great and unique finds at great prices.

29.  Check out your mom's basement.  Not for your next place to live but there may be some great finds down there that may need some updating.

30.  Mirror, mirror on the could use some updating!  Changing out your bathroom mirror can make a bathroom look custom. 

31.  K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid.  When it comes to big ticket items like sofa, bed frames and dining tables look for clean lines and timeless design.

32.  Don't be afraid of big or extra big art pieces.  They can be great conversation starters and really make a room special.

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