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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Everything is better with a twist of lemon

One of my favourite colours to work with is lemon yellow!  I love this colour for so many reasons - it can do so much in so many ways.  Yellow is the most intense colour on the colour wheel and that means you cant help but notice it.  When I was teaching I used to tell my students "if you didn't do your homework, don't come to class wearing yellow - the teacher will notice you before everyone else!"  When I'm staging homes, I love to use yellow because the buyers can't help but notice the photos of the property - they draw their eyes in because of the use of yellow.

When most people think of yellow they think country...a butter yellow wall with accents in white and blue gingham and a vase of daisies but yellow is so fresh and fabulous and works so many different styles but it's how you use it.

In a modern space you can really highlight architectural features with accent walls and by choosing a bright and bold yellow tone like...

But you can also add colour without transforming your walls.  I love a splash of yellow in my art, pillows, flowers, towels etc....even just one small accent can go a long way!  Just recently I furnished a model condo and we used colours in the blue and grey family but here and there added a few twists of lemon yellow and the impact it makes it just enormous!

So what does yellow 'go' with? Well, the obvious pairing is black but getting more sophisticated and daring by pairing it with any neutral - grey (any shade), navy, cream, white, brown, khaki. 

Personally, I like to use it in moderation. I feel that give the most 'pop'!  Use a layering technique.  Let's say you have a navy or grey sofa, add some colour like green or another shade of blue (a pattern would be great) and then add once piece like a solid lemon yellow pillow or a fabulous art piece above the sofa with some splashes of yellow.

If you want to be seen use some yellow - a little can go a long way!

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