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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What is modern decor?

I meet with clients regularly and most of them tell me 'I want a modern look', which is perfectly fine except most people do not know (when it comes to design and decor) what 'modern' actually means and looks like.

If you like streamlined, open, clutter free spaces than you are on the right track for a modern look. Think minimalist or Scandinavian, simple and functional forms.  so what are some of the elements that are frequently seen and included in modern decor?

Sleek:smooth and gleaming.  Hard yet smooth surfaces such as granite, stone, stainless steel, hardwood floors, high gloss cabinets with no detail work

Glass: large glass windows to really showcase the open feelof the space , glass pieces of furniture in the home, glass tiles

Neutral colour palette: neutrals are best displayed in this decor style.  They are clean and simple. think white or variations of white.  Tone on tone furnishing a bit of texture adds depth to the space but you won't see a lot of layering of fabrics and cozy elements in this style

Low and simple: the idea of using low and simple furniture is to not really notice it but notice the stunning view through the big glass windows (hence why this style is most often seen in condos). The furniture can still be comfortable but it won't look it!

So if you are super sensible, practical, efficient and all about function - modern decor is right up your alley!

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