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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cool condo inspiration

So we all know that condo living is hot! There are new condos popping up everywhere! Now one of the trickiest things with condo living is the space. How to place your furniture, what furniture to buy, what's going to fit and what's not going to work. If you are in this very situation now or will be soon, I would highly recommend checking out Ottawa's new IKEA store. It's the largest IKEA in Canada so the selection is fantastic but they also have set up model condos in the store (on the second level), where they have set up living, dining, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom spaces in various square footage. You get to see the entire set up of how the space would look including art, accessories and necessities. It's a great visual tool for a new condo purchaser to see how they can set up their place and get a lot of ideas and inspiration. You really can have it all - and a little planning can help you get just that!

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