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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

White Hot!!!

Well, we see so much of this colour this season but often it just sticks to the outdoors but why not bring it indoors?
White doesn't have to be sterile and clinical - it can be warm, fresh and hot! there are so many different shades of white - it has range of moods just like any other colour does. White isn't boring it can be exciting but it's all how you put it together.

I personally am a huge fan of light colour and white colour walls and kitchens and bathrooms, why? Because it's is timeless but you can also make it modern, it's clean, crisp and fresh but can also be warm and embracing. White is so versatile!

White walls can really open up a space. This past summer my sister bought a cute home in a very up and coming neighbourhood but the previous owner had chosen a variety of heavy and muddy colours such as a grey-blue, mustard yellow and burgundy. We painted the home one colour and we chose a fabulous shade of white 'fossil' from the Benjamin Moore Affinity Collection. It's is so clean but warm at the same time. The colour truly made her entire home brighter and bigger.

White is chic. Think about the most luxurious boutique hotel...their linens, bedding and towels are always lush and rich in white. It is so soothing, relaxing and clean. Try to take your bedroom or bathroom inspiration from a chic hotel. If you cant achieve the entire look, add a few splashes such as white towels or a white throw blanket.

A white sofa and/or chair is so elegant but can also be modern depending on the style(OK, I know this doesn't work for everyone - parents especially) but this looks fabulous in a condo. It helps to open up and freshen up the space. Adding some colourful, patterned or textured accessories just adds more visual interest and comfort to the living room. White works with every colour so you have a lot of options to choose from.

Layering with shades of white. A few years ago I was decorating a model for a condo in West Wellington Village. The bedroom was small, but the builder was very insistent on having a queen size bed. I decided to layer the bedding with various shades of white - this kept the room looking fresh, rich, elegant and larger. I played with texture and pattern but kept everything in shades of white. The overall look was very attractive and the clients loved the feel of the space.

Just because a colour is timeless doesn't make it boring - it's about how you use it! Sometimes if you want to go in a very modern direction sticking with a classic colour is best because it won't date your room. Be sure with any sample - cabinet, fabric or paint that you test it in the actual space (as light is different everywhere and in every room) to ensure that you are selecting the right white for you!

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