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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday outdoor planters

The holidays are here! And the stores are full of Christmas cheer!

Have you seen all of those stunning natural outdoor planters and wreaths this season? They really add life to any front or side door entry. The fresh green foliage of pine and cedar along with accents of holly and cranberries are just gorgeous but how can you keep those beautiful planters looking fresh all season long?

It's so easy. Regular spritzing of room temperature water to the entire planter or wreath will keep the natural holiday decor looking it's best! At the bare, bare minimum spritz once a week but aim for every other day. Even though these are branches from evergreens they can yellow over time if they are not splashed with water. The branches can wilt and look very sad if not cared for.

Keep your natural wreaths and planters ever green all season long with some spritzing of room temperature water. Plus after the holiday season these planters still look great as they add some life and colour to a gloomy and dreary winter season - so keep them alive!

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