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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fall fashion runways to your home's hallways!

With this incredible sunny summer weather it is hard to even think about the fall but the runways are displaying some incredible inspiration for our home decor.

On the runways we are seeing a lot of sophisticated colour palettes - olives, navy, burgundy, camels tones, deep browns and greys. We are also seeing luxurious fabrics like leather, wool, fur and tweed. We are also seeing some real influences from the 1970's - so what does this mean for your home? Consider adding some of these rich colours to your current palette to add depth and sophistication. Think about layering different fabrics on your bed and your sofa with throw pillows and blankets to create visual interest and a warm and cozy feel to the entire space. As for the 70's influence, take inspiration for the scale and shape of the furniture pieces from that decade. Sofas are fuller and less streamlined, wood stains are mid tone and curved. By adding some 'current' items you will make the whole room feel updated plus it reflects personal style when you can embrace trends that you like and that work for your lifestyle. But be sure to just add SOME influences, when we jump right into a trend and completely immerse ourselves in it, it is total overload plus it gets expensive when you constantly change with every trend. Just go with some of the items and influences that you like and everything else will fall into place. there is always room for the things that we love...

Fashion definitely influence home decor so take some ideas from your extra thick fall fashion magazines and bring those principles to life in your very own home. I know I will ;)

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