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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prepping my own home for sale...cont'd

Well, things are moving along smoothly not too many bumps which is great!

Our small renos are moving right along...I think what really saved us time on the renos was the fact that we ordered all of the materials with our contractor's advice (and measurements) we also ordered items that were in stock and before the renos began. While everything was being processed our contractor, Danny started on the small stuff that didn't require the new materials. That saved us a lot of time and energy...

the house hasn't been too much of a mess, our crew worked from one area and once they finished they moved into the next area which has been great considering we have too little ones and we needed to keep every thing and every one safe and secure. Plus you don't feel like you are living in a disaster zone if the work is confimed to an area.

Next up, we are getting the basement and living room carpets cleaned (post reno work). I know the new owners may even ditch these carpets but I think if they look and feel good, it will be appreciated in viewings plus you should never assume anyone is going to do anything with your home...they may not want to for a variety of reasons.

Our new sod is looking great and super lush and green but will really need a trim and soon....hopefully mother nature will agree and lay off the rain for a few days...

My goal is to start staging by the end of next week, after a good post-reno clean up! The kids rooms are done but I need to get all of the toys out of the living room area, tidy up our bedroom (although it has already been depersonalized), declutter the kitchen counter tops, and really prepare the basement laundry/rec room space and the main floor family room. Oh and get some flower pots outside...some people might think it is overkill but I think (my husband agrees too) that it is super important to present our home in it's best light!

...and then photo shoot time! What so many sellers don't realize is that timing is everything with renos but also with getting your home on the market. Your photos and listing should be up early in the week (if you are planning an open house) so that buyers can view it online and then make plans for a showing or open house. We are aiming for photos next weekend and getting it live online on the Monday.

The pool openers are coming next weekend and we should be ready for an open house in two weeks time.

I am feeling really good about this house and I know we have taken very good care of it for the future owner and that shows!

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