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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prepping my own home for sale...

So you probably think that it is easy for a home stager to prep her own house for sale.

In some ways it is - I know the importance, I know what has to happen to make the most money from my home sale, I do this everyday BUT it is still a lot of work! Especially with two little ones running around...

We have started...the big decluttering happened roughly a week agao and WOW, it is amazing how much junk and clutter are collected after only 4 years of living here! I still have two more closets to tackle - that is on my to-do list fo this week. I am no means an organizational freak but I know it is important for the closets to look neat and tidy so I have been decluttering and organizing too.

Since we had some renos and painting to do, we decided to minimize the chaos and put our dogs in the kennel.

The touch painting is done! Not a huge job but a bit of a pain. But it really makes the rooms look clean and fresh.

This past weekend, like many of you, we did a lot of spring clean up in our backyard and that has made a huge difference. My husband cleaned out the gutters - what a mess! I will start the planting next weekend.

There is a lot on our to-do list but we know it is all worth it! We have a few small renos that are in the works now and are progressing smoothly (with the execption of a neighbourhood power outage) we are moving forward!

Staging your home is much more that just putting some throw pillows on a sofa and some touch up paint. It is having your home turn key ready for the new owners. Yes, staging your home and prepping it to sell for the most money possible is a lot of work but it will be worth it for us (the sellers) and for the buyers.

Next...we have to finish the renos, clean the carpets (professionally), some planting and the final step - staging!

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