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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Adding some personality

We've just moved into a brand new house. Our bathroom has been nicely finished with white Shaker-style cabinets, limestone floors and mosaic tile in the bathtub-shower area, but it still looks very plain. What can we do to add interest and colour?

What a perfect blank canvas to work with, all it needs is some personality! For instant (and inexpensive) graphic punch and colour, add a great shower curtain. Stripes are really fresh and fun but there are some great patterns in scroll motifs too which would add some more sophistication and glam to the space. Adding colour with towels is another super easy fix. Work off of the shower curtain to keep a flow and theme in the room. Towels also add some great texture and soften the room (a lot of hard surfaces such as tile can make a room feel cold). You could even go with a solid shower curtain and a patterned towel combo - the possibilities are endless! Some pretty paper wrapped soaps or soap bottles can up the 'look' of the room too. A small detail but details to make a difference! Think flooring, a simple bathroom mat is OK but what not really make a splash with a really textured and fluffy area rug. Adding some natural element to the space will also add some warmth, try wood framed mirror. I love to add interesting art pieces in a bathroom, again it adds sophistication to the room. It can be any style of art - watercolour, photography etc...Think about organization too. a basket or tray on the counter top to keep personal items makes the space feel clean and tidy. A bathroom can easily be transformed with some splashes of colour and accessories, an easy and affordable makeover!

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