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Sunday, May 1, 2011

From Toddler to Teen and everything in between...

Children grow and change right before your eyes. One minute they fit into their favourite t-shirt and overalls and the next day they can't even squeeze into those same piece of clothing. Their tastes and interests are no exception! So if you have children or are expecting her are some great ideas to create a children's bedroom that can actually grow with them and their ever changing lives.

- stay away from an entire room of child sized furniture. Items such as dressers and bookcases will be able to store their items beyond the toddler years. Children's furniture also tends to be more expensive and with a lower quality construction and finishing. Invest in 'adult' size pieces that can be used in the future. If you want these items of furniture to grow with your child stick with neutrals that will be classic and can also be used with either gender. As this child may not be your only one...plan ahead

- Check out open-air photo albums, basically a cork board that has been covered in fabric with ribbons attached in a diamond patter. This is the perfect display area for your child to reflect their tastes and things that mean the most to them - letters, cards, photographs and posters of their favourite (at the moment) celebrity. Justin Beibermaybe your daughter's crush right now but that could change very quickly, instead of damaging your walls with push pins and tape from all of the 'Beiber' fever posters all over the wall use the open air photo album as an alternative. They can be made at home or purchased from more home decor stores. I have one in my daughter's room, I have put up her ultrasound photo, her baby cards etc...she is turning one in June and I know as she grows she will be able to use this board as a display area to reflect and express her personal style.

- paint! Keep the paint colour on the walls neutral. Your child's favourite colour will constantly change, so keep neutral and add colour splashes in the artwork, pillows, bedding toddler toys are often very colourful themselves. Too much colour in a room can be over stimulating and changing the paint colour with every phase can be expensive and disruptive.

- artwork. Use frames! Frame your child's artwork it will add some fun and whimsy to their room and will make them feel proud. Frames are inexpensive and reusable, so their art gallery can grow with them. Framing their art also creates a special gallery for you too, this demonstrates their growing skills and abilities. Try framing some fun and punchy fabric this adds interest and energy to the space (or a feeling of calm depending on the fabric choice). Or try using images from a calendar (for example Winnie the Pooh) of your child's current interest and framing it as art - very easy, inexpensive and interchangeable.

- The floor. Kids spend a lot of time on the floor - falling, playing, reading, doing homework or just hanging out with friends. Whether you have wall to wall carpet or hardwood flooring, try adding a textured (like a big fluffy shag) or bold bright patterned area rug to create a more sophisticated look but also a practical one too. In my son's room I added a neutral toned shag rug and he just loves to read, play and roll around on his bedroom floor plus it looks great too!

- Storage, storage, and more storage. as your child grows so will their belongings, interests and activities. Easy fixes like bookcases, desks, dressers, ottomans, hooks, benches anything that can be used to tuck away or hang up their items is a good tool. Try and keep those floors and surfaces clutter free. This teaches your child even at a young age to be organized.

- pillows. Pillows are great to add colour but also seating in a child's room. They can b on the bed but also on the floor. does your child's room have a cute corner or nook? That's another great spot for a pile of pillows. Add some different textures, colours and patterns - this adds visual interest, fun and function to the room. It's a bit more 'grown up' than giant teddy bears all over the room. Look at bold and graphic prints - a child's room doesn't have to be plastered with bunnies, bears and trains.

- light. A bold chandelier is a perfect for a little princess room but adds glam to a teen space. Many home improvement stores have some great chandeliers too.

Your child's interests will be age appropriate so it is OK to have a basic space that can grow with your child. Constantly reinventing the room gets expensive and disruptive. By keeping it classic you are keeping budget friendly and as your child grows and he/she will bring in their style which will really make them feel proud. Have an everlasting room....

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Blogger Dee Larry said...

I decorated my daughters room with Giant Teddy Bears! She absolutely loves them!

October 31, 2011 at 8:45 AM  

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