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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Does this house smell funny to you??

We are so used to living and being in our own space that we often overlook certain things. We don't see our collections as a big deal or our favourite (but ugly) chair as a problem, well same goes for the smells in our home! We are so used to the aroma that we don't notice it. But when it comes time to sell, we need to start noticing these things. When it comes to odour, every house comes with one, especially if you have children and/or pets.

Some of the best ways to eliminate these odours?

A professional carpet cleaning (whether it is wall-to-wall or area carpets) makes a huge difference not only does it make the space feel and smell fresh but it helps to keep your flooring in good condition. Harsh chemicals are not needed to improve the look, smell and feel of your carpets.

A good scrub down. Bathrooms and the kitchens are the hot spots for odours, so be sure to give these rooms a really good cleaning. Pay attention to your appliances too. Your fridge itself can develop an unpleasant odour. This should also include a good hose down of your garbage cans too.

So can aromatherapy help m sell my home? You bet!

Studies show that the first thing people notice when walking into a home is - the smell. Strong and unpleasant odour can really turn buyers off. A buyer's impression is made in the first 30 seconds - this 30 seconds is most critical! Staging sets the scene for a buyer to mentally move in and the scent can evoke emotion and truly appeal to the senses.

Using potpourri, essential oils, candles and other elements can help you sell your home. In a small space like a condo or a small home, be sure to stick with one perfume. In a larger home, you can use a few scents but I would recommend no more than three.

- lavender. has a very calming effect, this would be ideal in a master bedroom, an ensuite bath or even a nursery.

- balsam fir. smells like Christmas, perfect for the holiday season to help set the tone.

- jasmine. another perfect scent for the master suite, it has an exotic and romantic effect.

- peppermint. a clean, fresh and cool scent which would work beautifully in the summer months in the kitchen.

- apple and cinnamon. the smell of fresh baking appeals to all ages. during an open house you could bake a pie (homemade or store bought) . the scent is very welcoming and cozy, ideal for the kitchen on a fall or winter day.

When buying candles or oils, smell them before they are lit or assembled. The scent should be light, if it is too strong remember it will be even stronger once lit or assembled.

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