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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clean your carpets, naturally...

Canada is such a wonderful place to live but the changing seasons can really take its toll on our surroundings. Your flooring sees some of the worst of it! Mud in the spring, salt in the winter and so much more. Not to mention everyday living - dust mites, spills and other particles in the air get into our carpets as well. Got kids? Got pets? Either of those factors can amplify the odours and dirt in your carpets.

I make a point every spring to include a professional carpet cleaning in my home. It is amazing! You can feel the difference in the air and under your feet. It makes the entire space look and feel better plus it lengthens the life of my floor coverings. With two kids, two dogs and the two of us a professional cleaning is a must! I don't have wall-to-wall carpet but area rugs in the bedrooms and living room. We walk, play and live on these floor coverings everyday so each and every spring they are due for a good clean.

I know many people are fearful with the idea of 'professional carpet cleaning', they think high cost and high chemicals but carpet cleaning has come a long way. Chem Dry Ottawa is just one of many professional floor cleaning companies that specializes in cleaning your grout, tiles, carpet, upholstery and leather plus specializing in the removal of urine and pet odours with products straight from mother nature.

Spring is right around the corner, try adding professional carpet cleaning to your "to-do" list - you will not only see but you will feel the difference too!

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