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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrity at home - Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale is a lovely young starlet from the popular "High School Musical" series and now starring in "Hellcats" has something else to add to her list - a stunning home with a reflection of her unique personal style. The star's first home consists of Spanish architecture and beautiful lush gardens surrounding her turquoise pool. But this house is totally girl-friendly, even the furniture! Take a close look at her living room coffee table - it's a vintage Louis Vuitton travelling trunk with a custom glass table top. She surrounds herself with fresh flowers and soft and serene colour tones. Her custom made bed design is just fabulous for movie nights and lazy Sunday's as the flat screen TV pops up from the console at the foot of the bed! But the closet has to be one of the biggest and organized one has ever seen, it's every woman's dream especially for those who love to shop!

Her house really reflects her style with the uber feminine touches such as the soft colour palette and the luxurious fabric selection. But should she ever decide to move out, the basic bones of the home could work for anyone's personal style.

This home is a perfect palace for a princess such as Ashley Tisdale.

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