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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Downsizing doesn't have to be a drag!

Downsizing, downsizing, downsizing....we have been hearing this term A LOT lately and unfortunately many people see this as a negative experience but look at the positive side - it is a new beginning, a fresh start and a fun and exciting stage in life. The thought of downsizing can be daunting and overwhelming but here are some great ideas on how to approach this task with a plan!

1- List it! Not your house but your items, the ones you love and cannot live without. The others you could try selling or giving away to charity

2 - Think thin! Start thinning out your items about 3 months before the big more this will eliminate some stress

3 - Size it up! Compare the new room sizes to rooms in your current home, this will help with furniture planning and deciding what you can use in certain spaces. there aren't too many people who can use a floor plan to figure that out.

4 - Disconnect! Start in the areas that don't have a lot of sentimental connection such as the garage and the kitchen. You'll find a lot of 'extras' - who needs 10 mixing bowls and 6 spatulas? those are some easy places to start de-cluttering and you will feel like you are getting a lot done!

5 - It is better to give! Try donating items to local shelters, community centers, schools never know who might benefit from your old items and you may feel better about giving back instead of tossing out.

6 - Get a second opinion! Bring in neighbour, a friend or family member who will be honest with you about your items. Because you are so emotional invested and have been for so long it is tough to be ruthless. Ask for a second opinion on that set of dishes or the 1970's credenza.

7 - Plan ahead! Make a plan of how you want the furniture set up in the new home. this will help out the movers and yourself on the big day.

8 - Get organized! Colour code, label...find an organizational system that will help determine what goes where. Make sure everyone knows and understand the simple system.

With some pre-planning and help from family, neighbours and friends downsizing can be stress free and enjoyable. It is an exciting time and a fresh opportunity in another stage of your life - so have fun with it!

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