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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go BIG or Go Home!?

We all know the saying' go big or go home!' but I say "go big at home!'

What do I mean by that?

Big items in the home can really set the tone for your decor aesthetic. Here are some big ideas for your home:

- A big piece of art in a dining, living or bedroom really makes a statement even if it is not bright and colourful even a simple black/white piece can really be bold in a room.

- A big chair such as a chair and a half, is a perfect cozy spot for morning coffee or sexy and sophisticated with a glass of wine.

- A big and bold area rug in a living room! It is like art but on the floor

- Big fluffy pillows on a bed in the master or guest suite radiate luxury and chic comfort

- A big storage piece such as an armoir or credenza looks way more stylish (and is more practical) than having several smaller storage pieces in a space

- A big ottoman looks clean and modern and is super practical and multifunctional too

Even in a smaller space such as a condo or loft big items can work, just select the important ones like the chair or storage piece and don't over stuff the room. A few bigger items will really draw the eye in, too many big items will make any space feel tight and small. The bigger items should set the tone and then balance the room out with smaller details ...Big is Beautiful!

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