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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Fine Art of Hanging Pictures

Curator's Choice

Plan your wall gallery before you hang it! Use craft paper cut to your frame sizes and painter's tape to arrange the cutouts on the wall until you have come up with the most pleasing design.

Evenly space the art to create a dramatic presentation of your most favourite pieces.

Mix up the frame sizes and styles to create depth and dimension in your living space.

Step by Step

Up the stairwell, be sure to alternate the sizes of the frames. Group smaller pieces together to create harmony with larger ones.

Keep the spacing between frames constant to portray a professional feel.

Mirror the rise of the staircase you're hanging your art above to establish the perfect placement for each frame.

Art on the Edge

Take your most striking pieces and place them on the ledge, showcasing your favourites to guests.

A collection of small pictures set to one side can be offset by placing larger pieces on the other.

Overlap pictures of different sizes to create a multi-dimensional effect.

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