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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pamper yourself!

8 great ideas to pamper yourself in your own bathroom!

As a new mom I take any chance I get to treat myself. Days at the spa are a thing of the past so I transformed my own bathroom into a perfect getaway! You can too and here's how:

1 -- Get some new towels. White is classic but you could opt for colour too, it is really up to you. Find towels that are plush and cotton (better absorption). You do not have to spend a fortune on quality towels check out your department stores as they often have fabulous sales!

2 -- Bamboo bath accessories. They can make any bathroom look like an organic getaway. Bamboo has a natural warmth about it and a calming effect. Look for bamboo mats, waster basket, soap dispenser etc. but don't over do it on the bamboo...

3 -- A new shower curtain. Can really spruce up a tired bathroom. Look for something that works with your existing colour palette or something that evokes the mood you want to create.
Stick with something cotton, not vinyl, it looks more chic.

4 -- Furniture pieces. Yes, furniture! This is best in a large bathroom, for example a small side table can look very elegant next to a free standing tub and is a perfect spot for a glass of wine, candle, a book or the phone.

5 -- Functional decor. Use tall glass vases and fill them with bathroom items such as Epsom salts, soaps, cotton balls - it is useful, appropriate and looks stylish!

6 -- New hardware. Can transform a bathroom instantly! It is an easy fix and not expensive. This can make cabinetry look current too.

7 -- Plants. Add some natural elements to the space. Look for bamboo which does very well in rooms with little sunlight and damp spaces. If that is too much maintenance, add some tall vases with natural sticks. Anything natural adds calmness and serenity to a room.

8 -- Lighting. Change out the basic lighting and add some thing special. We kepth the pot lights but did a beautiful pair of glass pendant lamps over our vanity. Candles can also change the lighting and atmosphere in any bathroom (an easier and less expensive option).

If you cannot get to the spa, bring the spa to you.

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