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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creative Centrepieces !

Oh the centrepiece! The centrepiece used to be a large and bountiful bouquet of the finest flowers but now it has transformed into some many different possibilities. The centrepiece plays a role at any event or dinner party but make it reflective of you and your style, it does not have to be so stuffy and formal. Here are some great centrepiece ideas...

1 -- some very simple and organic, chic driftwood. it is very sculptural and easy to set up.

2 -- a simple string of tea lights - but not scented!

3 -- a bowl of fruit (i personally find one fruit say lemons is very contemporary but a variety or variety of fruit but in the same colour tones is very interesting.) try displaying this edible decor in a glass vase instead of a bowl to add volume to the table as well

4 -- root bowls are knotty and again very true to nature, fill them up with winter or fall deocr items such as christmas ornaments, pine cones, crannberries etc...

5 -- various small (nose gay like) bouquets in one type of flower is very chic and beautiful ribbon on the vase completes the look

6 -- lucky bamboo - easy, fun and inexpensive plus you can place it elsewhere in your home after the big party!

7 -- a glass bowl with water, river rock and floating candles

8 -- real cupcakes - in a tower or in a simple row, we are seeing this a lot at weddings

9 -- look for some interesting clear glass bowls and have gold fish - great conversation starter!

10 -- authentic seasonal decor - the fall is the best season for this - bring the outdoors in with mini pumpkins, gourds and the beautiful fall leaves

No matter the occasion a centrepiece really grounds the table - but it can be whatever you want, one single focal point or multiple but try and choose something that works with the scale of the table, something that works with the theme of the occasion and something that will not get in the way.

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