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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Staging for Furnished Rentals

So we all know that staging works for selling homes but does it work for rentals? The answer is simply - yes. Although you are assigning a job to your property - to create income - you are still "selling" the idea of someone living in this space whether for a week for a year. Any type of visual tool you use to sell or promote your product must look it's best and a rental is no exception. Since most renters and buyers are seeing the product online make sure it is presented properly.

My family and I are looking to rent a vacation home in Seattle for next August and I have started my search online. I cannot believe the extremes that I am seeing. Here are some do's and don'ts (all based on the online photos I have seen thus far)

- take photos with all of the lights on, although it may seem too bright it will work in the photos

- clean your home, we can see cluttered counter top and stains on film

- set the table, make the bed (like you would see in a hotel) and have flowers on the table - you want your home to look it's best!

- spend the money on professional photos, it will be worth it!

- spend some money on small updates like new hardware, linens, etc...

- keep decor neutral


- have loud or dark colours on the wall, you want to appeal to as many potential guests as possible

- have photos with friends and family partying in the home

- have your personal doll, sword or other collections on display

- have your pets in the photos, unless it is a pet friendly space, otherwise the renter will think of pet smells and stains, neither will help you rent

- have patterned furniture (cover it up with neutral slip covers) it looks dated

- use old photos, keep it current!

Remember that no matter the price point everyone wants to stay somewhere fabulous! Homes that look their best rent/sell faster and for more money plus if your rental looks great you will increase you potential for better quality renters and/or more repeat renters. Even for rentals, presentation is key!

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