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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday tips and tricks....

I have asked friends and family for some of their favourite holiday tips and tricks to make the season smooth, merry and bright.

- use ice cubes to water your natural tree and/or Christmas plants (less mess)

- battery operated candles. they give you the look, they are great for home with kids, no hot wax spills and they can be used over and over again

- edible centerpieces like nuts and fruit - simple to make, they are organically beautiful and no waste

- reduce, reuse and recycle your holiday gift bags

- live in a condo with strict rules and regulations? put your wreaths (using wreath hangers) on interior doors

- use stocking hangers instead of damaging your fireplace mantel with nails. check out bed, bath and beyond for initial stocking hangers by harvey lewis.

- always buy a few extra gifts and keep them on hand - there is always an unexpected person who thinks to get you something lovely for the holiday, it's nice to give back to them too

- buy holiday cards when they are on sale and stock up for years to come

- display your family photos and Christmas cards on your tree! it makes for a great display area and now your counter space is clear of clutter.

- spritz your natural cedar wreaths and bows with water daily

- for napkins, chargers, coasters etc...stick with colours like red, white and/or gold in solids this way they can be used for other holidays such as Thanksgiving, New Year's and Valentine's day

- Do all of your baking at once and freeze it - cookies thaw out in no time!

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