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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stress-free holidays - yes they do exist!

The holidays are a wonderful time of year! Everything is so festive, you get to gather with friends and family, eat, drink and be merry! But the holidays can also be filled with hassles, stress and expense - those are some of the reasons why my family and I have started celebrating the Christmas holidays away on a resort somewhere warm and sunny where we do not have to cook or clean, what a treat! But since we do not all have that option, here are some great time and stress savers to make your holidays more enjoyable....

1-- Share. a cookie exchange is a great way to get lots of variety and new cookies too.

2 -- Plan. Buy gifts ahead of time. A few years ago I found a beautiful wooden cheese plate with a knife I knew it would be perfect for my in-laws does it really matter that I purchased it in August?

3 -- Simple. Keep decor items simple. That doesn't mean scrimp but you don't have to have every corner of every room decorated in order to look festive.

4 -- Prepare. Do the cooking you can ahead of time and freeze it. Most cookies, soups and some appetizers freeze very well.

5 -- Host. Share the hosting duties by teaming up with a friend or family member to host one big party in stead of numerous ones. this will work out for your guests too since the holidays are such a busy time.

6 -- Organize. Plan ahead, get your calendar and figure out when to host, when to shop and when to bake. This can really help with getting everything done on time!

7 -- Easy. Have your kids make decorations. It's fun! It's personal and they can do that while you bake.

8 -- Help. If you are the host get some help with cooking, baking, cleaning etc...don't be shy to ask, most people offer anyway...

9 -- Give. Do a gift exchange instead of a gift for everyone, or keep it simple and give to the children in your family only. Keep a limit or a theme can be fun and perfect for work parties too.

The days of formal holiday parties seem to have gone by the wayside, keep your party simple with great friends, good food and drinks for everyone. If anyone is focusing on your lack of designer decor...they might not be worth inviting to future events....

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