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Monday, February 7, 2011

It's not about you!

I started staging and decorating model homes in 2003 and the one thing that I have always told my clients is 'it's not about you!' I know it sound a bit harsh and some might say rude but here is what I am saying - when it comes to presenting a home for sale, either a resale or a new home - it's about the buyer not the seller.

The home must appeal to the buyer.

I was recently asked to tour a model suite in the Westboro area. I was told that the developer and the marketing team hated it, they asked me for feedback. They wanted something that was "more this and less that". I went in alone, not wanting to be influenced by their thoughts. I loved it! The mix of colours, textures and finishes really stood out. The designers had selected some unique pieces that were memorable and special.

I also thought it was really smart how they mixed new contemporary pieces with some older items, which really reflects the downsizing demographic the builder/developer is catering too. I knew this model would show and photograph beautifully. I knew it would get the buyers' attention too! Although the model is not the personal style of both the developer and the marketer, they needed to understand that the model suite is there as a sales tool not a personal decorating project.

All too often I hear clients tell me that they didn't like how I positioned their furniture or the colours I selected to stage their home. "This is not how I would do it"-they say. Homeowners need to understand that when their house is up for sale it is no longer their home. Letting go is tough but important when selling your home, it's not about you anymore, it's about the new family or couple that will call this home theirs.

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