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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebrity style - Kim Raver

We all see the fashion magazines plastered with images of celebrity style but what about their homes? Your personal style should be reflected in not just your clothing but your surroundings too!

Kim Raver (Grey's Anatomy and 24) has two gorgeous homes - one on the west coast and the other on the east coast. Each home reflects a side of her style and of the area.

The west coast home is modern but with some coziness and colour (see second set of images). I love how she softens up the concrete floors with a plush area rug. She also makes the living room so personal by adding an eclectic gallery of family photos. The addition of the large kitchen island encourages conversation and working together. "It's great because then people pitch in. Every one's chopping vegetables!" - she says.

The east coast house is more of a cottage style (see top images). The kitchen in light creams and bead board is cozy, cottage chic. The living room boasts a 300 year old fireplace! Raver added naturalness and an organic feel by adding some wicker elements to the space. she included some more personal items in this home too, including a dollhouse in her master bedroom passed down from her grandmother. Raver although not as modern and sleek as her L.A home, she feels at home in the Hampton's too, "I love how old this house is and to think about all of the generations of families who have gone through here".

Embrace all of your different sides of style by carefully meshing them together or creating a different feel in certain rooms in your home!

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