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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Old meets New

This is an interesting time in home decor and design. It seems as though the times of buying all new furniture because you have moved into a larger or smaller home have gone by the wayside. People are way more aware of waste and are embracing the idea of recycling, reusing and re-purposing - and I love it! Not just from an environmental stand but from a design perspective. When people can be creative with their existing pieces whether it's refinishing instead of tossing them out, or using a piece in a different room than intended I think it really shows personal style and innovation. I have seen a lot of designers embracing this concept too which I personally feel is a part of their role - being creative! It's too easy to just wipe the slate clean and start from scratch and we can't do that in this economy. I know my clients are looking for great ideas to reuse their prized pieces and that's one of the many reasons why they hire me.

Usually model homes are a proponent of the concept of completely starting a new but there is a model condo suite at QWest in Westboro that is totally refreshing!! I love what the designers did (and no it is not my design). The crew from 2H Interiors mastered mixing old with new in this suite. They re-purposed some pieces and made them fresh but then added splashes of glam and modern. You will notice streamlined pieces mixed with more elegant and ornate items. An antique China cabinet in the office/den and a bedroom dresser as a hutch/storage piece in the living/dining space. I know this may sound very strange to some or perhaps many of you but I think it is genius and really reflects of where design is going due to the economic and environmental climate in 2011.

Old and New can work together to create a truly beautiful and unique space. I think it is not only important to express your personal flare but to be smart about it too. If there is nothing wrong with your pieces, do they need to be replaced? Make it work!

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