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Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's get organized!!

Don't sweat the small stuff - organize it!! Try these creative fixes using basic but brilliant household staples to cure your clutter and keep your life in working order!

One tool but four useful ways to use it!

The utensil holder

It holds your utensils but try this : using it to hold your various teas just like the pretty tea packets we see in shops and restaurants; try using it to organize and keep all of your hair tools in one spot, rollers, combs and irons can all be organized in one spot; and how about a new home for your costume jewelry? earrings can even be poked through mesh holders so they can hang on.

The spice rack

Of course, an easy and practical way to keep your spices at your finger tips but what about using it as : a desk caddy - keep the push pins, rubber bands, labels small containers of the spice rack this creates a simpler and happier workspace; another great use is in the garage or workshop, this is a great way to sort and organize your nuts, screws, bolts and other small pieces; and how about a perfect craft organizer for beads, bobble and other rainy day craft materials.

The hanging basket

Perfect in the kitchen for fruit but it works wonders in a chaotic closet to keep belts, scarves and clutches off of the floor. It can also be used for parties (especially outdoor ones) to hold kids' party favours such as hats and noise makers or another great use is for the kids' playroom to hang up small plush toys and trucks.

The bath caddy

Keeps your bath products all in row but how about for kitchen utensils and napkins, just perfect for the outdoor BBQ dinner, or, a great tool to hold onto the essential such as keys, phone, sunglasses etc...or, the perfect happy hour organizer to hold straws, fruit wedges, umbrellas and more.

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