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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More, more, more Morocco!

Moroccan influence is everywhere! Fashion magazines, Travel blogs, Cooking shows, even America's Next Top Model has shot there and now Morocco is coming into your home! Check out any home decor magazine or store and you'll see the Moroccan influence.

So what are we seeing?

- gorgeous colours in vibrant and rich tones

- hand crafted bowls, sculptures, dishes and more

- stunning and detailed textiles

- embroidered pillows

- ornate rugs and carpets

- Sultan style light fixtures

Now how can you have some Moroccan inspiration without over doing it and looking like a Moroccan eatery? Just pick and choose your favourite pieces, don't use them all! But - you need to have a few elements so that you have a common thread and your space does not look like a collection of random looks. A few pillows pairs with a sultan light fixture or an ornate rug with some hand crafted pieces.

When working with a theme be sure to have balance. Start with a blank or neutral slate such as cream walls and furniture and some darker pieces like a dark espresso stained dining set and coffee table and then implement the Moroccan influences. You always want your styled space, no matter the theme, to look clean, intentional and focused.

Moroccan decor can be so exotic, romantic and chic and right now it is all the rage! Go ahead and bring Morocco to you!

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