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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great Green Ideas

April 22nd is right around the corner, for those of you that don't know April 22nd is also Earth Day. Going 'green' is not just a trend but a way of living and protecting the planet for future generations. When it comes to green living there are so many options for reduce, reuse and recycle and your home projects are no exception. Take a look at some of these ideas and consider them when it comes to your next home improvement project.

In the kitchen and laundry room:

- consider Energy star appliances. They use less energy and they will save you money!

In the bathroom and kitchen:

- consider locally made counter tops and cabinets

- consider cabinets made of recycled materials or sustainable materials

- consider counter tops made of recycled glass

Throughout the home:

- consider flooring made of recycled materials or sustainable materials

- consider using paint with low or no VOC's

- consider changing to energy efficient lighting

- consider adding green or environmentally friendly insulation (if you are building or renovating)

Instead of buying all new furniture try refinishing or re-upholstering or even re-purposing your pieces.

Green is not just a fresh colour but a way of life. Living green or taking steps to being more green will help the planet and our future generations!

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