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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Top 10 low cost, high return outdoor renos

We are in the thick of the busy spring selling season - so why is your home still on the market? Enhancing your curb appeal might be just what you need to sell your home quickly and for the most money! Improving your curb appeal isn't as costly as it may sound, it's all about timely exterior preparations to boost your property's value!

1 -- Keep it clean! was the front, side ans back of the house. the new owners will be looking at all sides of the home. rent or borrow a pressure washer - they do such an incredible job on just about everything.

2 -- If it's broke, fix it! walkways, roof shingles, leaky and rusty exterior faucets you get the idea. a lot of small repairs can add up to a big bill in the eyes of the new owners plus they might wonder what else needs fixing. i know you don't really want to do but neither does the potential new owner.

3 -- Paint it! check your doors (front, side and back) is the paint cracked or peeling or just looking tired and old? it is easy to give a door a new fresh paint job and the impression it will make will be huge!

4 -- Lights....exterior lighting looks great but sure that all of the bulbs are operational. for more curb appeal add some solar lights in the garden, and keep the exterior lights on during dusk it makes a beautiful home look beautiful even at night plus many potential buyers to drive by so be sure to always have the home looking it's best!

5 -- Support staff! check that all railings are safe and secure. Again, this lets home buyers know the home i cared for and no one will get hurt during a showing or open house. That wouldn't be a good first impression!

6 -- Primp the driveway too! An old tired looking asphalt driveway can look pretty drab. On a nice sunny day, 'paint' the drive way with a top sealer, the instructions are easy to follow just read the label and wow what a statement!

7 -- Get in the Gutters! I know gross but necessary. Dirty gutters can really make any home look dirty. Once they are clean take a look to see if the paint job needs any work.

8 -- Raise the roof! Replace the shingles if they need it. Most buyers do not want to replace a roof due to the cost so they may pass on your home if the roof is looking rough. Or, they will really low ball the offer if thy think the roof needs replacing.

9 -- Wired! Tidy up any loose wires it looks better and it is safer. Some staples or nails can help keep them in place.

10 -- Landscaping! If you don't want to plant new ones - a t least maintain what you've got! Keep the shrubs and grass neatly trimmed, flower beds weeded and neat. Keep the garden gnomes in the garage, they can come with you to the new place. They have a tendency to make gardens look cluttered.

These suggestions will help you maintain the value of your home and help you sell it faster. In a competitive market, your home's appearance could be what sets you apart from the rest.

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