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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy at work?

We spend the majority of our days and even lives working! Many of us work desk jobs everyday and that can really be repetitive and some days boring. But there are ways to liven up your at work workspace and make it more appealing to be at your desk everyday.

a -- add some colour! it brightens up the workspace and stimulates the senses. think pen/pencil holders, sticky notes, file folders, accordion files etc... in bright and bold colours.

b -- get cozy! replace that old, lumpy 'work' sweater you throw on when the AC is cranked up with a smooth, stylish and still cozy pashmina in a colour that looks great on you. you can even throw it over the back of your desk chair to add some texture and colour too!

c -- let there be life! a beautiful potted plant can add some freshness to the space but think about your desk position and the type of plant - does it need sun, shade may even want to think about basil or mint for some refreshing scent too!

d -- bright idea! replace the 'office' looking desk lamp with something more homey and stylish, you workspace will feel more inviting for you and any clients.

e -- eat right! keep some healthy snacks in the office desk - popcorn, dried fruit, are great options for when the urge hits - they keep you satisfied and there won't be a sugar crash.

f -- stay hydrated! not just for working out but at work too! keep a small, sleek and stylish carafe or glass bottle at the desk with water. it will keep you looking and feeling great!

g -- memories! we love to surround ourselves with our cherished ones but too many photos can look clunky and cluttered - your desk is only so big! so why not have a digital frame looping your favourite pics or have your absolute favorite as a screen saver.

h -- keep it clean! declutter your workspace regularly - it will make the workspace feel less overwhelming and eliminate stress.

Your desk job doesn't have to be drab. Follow some of these ideas, even small changes can make a huge impact!

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Blogger Faseeha said...

Hi Kristi,
Just joined your blog. This article was very useful. It helped me get rid of the clutter in my work space. Thank you very much! Keep posting interesting articles!

August 5, 2011 at 10:06 PM  

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