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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Staging for the Soul

I met a wonderful family today in Westboro and they have decided to put their family home up for sale. Although a tough decision for them as this home is full of memories - they feel it is time to move on! Moving can be a hard decision to make and you will know when it is the right time.

Bringing in a stager can be a helpful not only for the sale of the home but helping you move forward. Your home may be full of good memories or memories that you need to move past - a stager can help you 'detach' from your home through neutralizing the space and depersonalizing. Sometimes moving furniture and paring items down can look good and feel good too.

For this family home, we plan to help them depersonalize, declutter but also reorganize their living space and add some colour with art and accessories in the home to help the next family to mentally move in. By adding some art pieces on the walls that were once covered in family photos and bringing in some kitchen decor where they used to bake and eat, we will help to set the scene for new and happy memories in this family home.

Moving out and moving on doesn't have to be a painful experience if you know who can help you. Staging can help you set up your home for sale but also help you move on as well. By depersonalizing you are getting a head start on the process of moving and moving away emotionally from a place you have called 'home' for so long.

I know that this home is Westboro will be just perfect for the next family!! We are so happy to be helping this family move forward...

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