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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Decorating spaces that speak to your style

Many homeowners love the idea of putting their stamp on their home. But there are times when homeowners think they like (and want) a certain style but they don't fully understand the terms or what is involved in that particular style. Painting your space can really set the tone of your style - so start with that. Here are some great and easy ways to help you determine your style.

Traditional style - is classic, timeless and distinguished with an elegant feel. This does not have to mean boring at all but work with tones that are stylish now, 10 years ago and 10 years from now. Leather, wood, wool, tweed, felt are some ways to introduce texture to a timeless room.

Modern style - these rooms embrace open and uncluttered areas. They also include sleek lines and clean finishes. furniture in this style of room should be simple but still functional possibly with an interesting and unique shape and form. Modern room often play with vibrant colours with bold energy offset with neutral decor.

Country style - is warm, cozy - these rooms are simple, unpretentious and very welcoming. Colours from nature work best in this style ranging from soothing lavenders to leaf greens. This looks is fresh and inviting.

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