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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Making cents of your decor budget

OK, so it is time to move in and you desperately need new furniture well, make that new everything! Where do you start? Where do you spend? This tried and true equation nets you a well-appointed living room on any budget.

25% of your budget should go towards your new sofa (if in a small home or condo a sofa sleeper is a great idea). Stick neutral in the colour scheme that way it will stand the test of time in terms of style. If this seems steep think of it this way - the sofa is the main component of the room and will be used everyday single day. It is worth it!

20% on occasional chairs. They do not have to match the sofa but they should coordinate. Think about using these pieces to add some texture (like leather) or pattern (pinstripe and herringbone are classics). Seating will be most important in the living room and therefore will eat the bulk of your budget.

15% on an area rug (assuming the flooring is tile or hardwood). Think of adding some colour or texture with this element too.

15% on window treatments. Unless your living room winow leaves you feeling really exposed you can probably get away with some simple pannels.

8% on lighting. Floor lamps, table lamps, you may want to include an overhead fixture and perhaps candles. All of these lighting elements help create mood and ambiance.

7% on tables. Coffee table and side tables. If you are still low on seating look at some ottomans that can offer both seating, storage and surface for display etc...there are many options at many stores in a variety of price points.

4% on decor pillows. Look around at home decor stores. By mixing pattern, colour and texture your overall look with elevate. Pattern, Colour, Texture and Shine add visual interest to any and every room. Get creative!

3% on decor accessories. Take a look at garage sales, clearance rack at decor stores and get creative with your own things. Just placing something unexpected in a living room can be very artful!

3% on paint. Ask your painter (if you can afford one) if he/she can buy the paint - they will know the amount, type and usually where they get discounts. Or ask your home improvement person how to get the right amount and what finish to get. An expert can give you greta tips and advice that will help with a beautiful finished product and save you money.

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