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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catching up!

OK, so it has been months since I have written but that's only because I have been so incredibly busy!!

Well, the house sold is just under 2 months of being on the market. The overall experience was positive but you really do start to see how many unprofessional 'professionals' are out there in the real estate world and how they can affect you. We had some agents bring clients through our home who clearly did not understand the differences and expectations between a new home and a home built in 1959! We had a few agents who did not even both to read the basic info on our home such as "3 bedroom with a in-ground pool" which is totally basic and when the agents brought their clients through they were out raged that the listing did not include this info - we had to point out that YES it did you just failed to read the listing info. I really felt bad for the clients as their agents were wasting their precious time on listings that did not meet their needs. It really goes to show that NOT all agents are created equal and you really need to find one that is really working for you!!

But that being said we did find someone who fell in love with our home after one showing! We had an offer the next day and the process was smooth from there. We worked out a closing date and a price that we were all happy with.

Our move into our new home was also smooth, we were really well prepared and packed our belongings carefully and with great detail. We also used a fantastic moving company that I use regularly for staging moves as well We had a few small bumps in the road when our contractor failed to have to house totally ready for us by the time we moved in. There wasn't a lot to be done but he somehow managed to drop the ball and still have work to do but we managed. The house was a bit chaotic in the beginning but luckily my mother-in-law had the kids for a few days so that we could concentrate on setting up. We took care of the kitchen and the kids' bedrooms - when they came home they were so happy to see their rooms and us, of course!

Now that we have moved in, (mostly) unpacked and have finished the updates, we are really loving the new house, the neighbourhood and the change of pace. It's truly amazing just how new surroundings can really change your outlook, energy levels and lifestyle.

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