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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to avoid a cookie cutter room

All to often when you move into a place or you want to re-decorate a room, we take the easy route by heading to a great furniture store and buying what we see and copy the showroom floor. If you want a truly personalized space you really need to be selective of the various items you put in your room - what do I mean ?

There are tons of great finds out there. At furniture shops, specialty stores, antique shops, vintage stores, craft fairs just need to take the time to look. You want to look for quality, of course but you also want to look for a common thread. A unique and stylish space will include texture, shine, pattern and colour but it can also include a mix of styles. Mixing different styles or time periods does not necessarily mean you will have an eclectic room but you will have a room of designer quality.

For example, if you found a fantastic art deco desk in black and you found some end tables that look kind of country it could work if there is a common thread - such as colour, if the end tables had a black detail the items now have a common thread. The other trick is not to place them right beside each other in the room (psst...that way no one will notices the differences between the pieces that way). The other trick is to find a desk chair that's sleek or kind of funky.

Personal style is all about you. What you love, what you like and bringing it all together. You will always find a spot for something you absolutely love! Personal style also reflects your personality - are you fun and splashy? are you calm and serene? It does take time to build a room that reflects your personal style but it's worth it because you will be thrilled with the end results and you will feel so comfortable. Yes, just picking up a showroom display and bringing it home is easy but in the end your home will feel like a waiting room and less like the room you want.Spend the time - it's worth it!

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